ElettroMagnetic Services Srl is the first Italian company that deals exclusively with the design and manufacture of professional custom antennas. By means of the innovative AntennaCustomizer design method, for over 20 years, we have been developing and producing tailor-made professional antennas that help our Customers to broadcast their excellence throughout the world.

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Professional custom antennas design and manufacture

Have you been entrusted with the responsibility of an important project and do you need a reliable antenna able to guarantee the performance required? The design of a custom professional antenna is the solution to your problems.

By means of our AntennaCustomizer design method, we exclusively develop and realize for you the custom-tailored antenna optimized to fully meet the requirements of your project, ensuring you the best performance.

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Integrated antennas design

With the term “integrated antenna” we mean an highly customized and optimized product that can be inserted into a proprietary electronic device (hosting device) or covert into a specific location to suit a particular application.

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Antenna measurements

Since its founding in 2001, both time and money have been constantly invested to enhance the measurement equipment in ElettroMagnetic Services own internal laboratory.

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