History and company profile

Founded in 2001 by two skilled partners who previously worked in R&D department of other telecommunications companies, ElettroMagnetic Services s.r.l. has a strong background in design and manufacturing solutions in the field of antennas and wireless systems, carrying out development, engineering and production activities by its own.

In 2005 the company moved into the bigger facility in Vailate, near the new A35 highway (the “Bre.Be.Mi”) linking Brescia to Milan, in the north-west part of Italy. In this plant an RF laboratory with an anechoic chamber and a mechanical workshop have been accomplished to enhance the core business of the firm, i.e. the capability to carry out new antenna designs.

This activity, which distinguishes ElettroMagnetic Services s.r.l. from its competitors, consists in building customized antennas with particular specifications, according to Customer’s needs. In this area several projects have been completed, working with big manufacturing companies and also with universities and research institutes.

The company’s main areas of action are the following ones:

Antennas for mobile radio services, i.e. GSM, DCS, UMTS, LTE;
Wireless networks antennas, i.e. WiFi IEEE802.11x;
Integrated antennas for radio equipment and/or Customer’s proprietary devices;
Special antennas for motorsport industry and marine applications;
Special antennas for tele-metering applications (ISM bands of 169 MHz, 433 MHz,868 MHz, ...);
Customized antennas for military applications, like SATCOM or jamming systems, mobile, marine or fixed;
GPS custom antennas;
Custom antennas for electro-medical RF diagnostic apparatuses;
R&D of smart antennas with reconfigurable beam pattern;
RF passive networks and devices, i.e. power dividers, hybrids, cables, connectors and all other antenna related accessories for professional or customized installations;
Measurement and characterization of antennas and other RF devices.

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