Custom Antennas for Military Applications (HF-VHF-UHF-SATCOM)


Custom Antennas for Tactical Military Application Free Guide


What is the philosophy behind the design of a military antenna for tactical use on the battlefield? 


Regardless of one's personal beliefs on whether to increase military spending or not, a question that has unfortunately become highly topical in these days, from a technical point of view it is undeniable that technology in the military sector has always been very advanced, especially regarding the telecommunications.

Consequently, in order to develop the best product, we need to follow a method that take into account specific and particular criteria, totally different from any other field of activity.

After numerous projects conducted in this area in over 20 years of activity, we here present a brief description of the requirements we have to consider during the design of a custom military antenna.


In particular you’ll find important insights about: 


  • The three basic requirements for a military antenna

  • Reliability

  • Ease of use on the field

  • Electrical performance

  • Design criteria and requirements






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