Professional Custom Antennas Design Free Guide


Professional Custom Antennas Design Free Guide




If you operate in a particular field of activity, you have often to deal with singular and uncommon needs, for which the standard COTS antennas are frequently not appropriate.

In these cases, the professional custom antennas are the solution you’ve been looking for.

Do you want to know how?


For years we tried to understand how a little Company like ElettroMagnetic Services Srl could compete with the big groups that operate in the professional antennas field.

It was very frustrating be in competition with Companies able to arrange thousands pieces production and to sell their products all over the world.

It seemed impossible to ourselves to bring value in this field of activity.

We needed to understand the better way to share our contribute.


Then, unexpectedly, our main obstacole, be a little Company, became the solution to our problems.

In fact, it has been just our little dimension that allowed us to communicate directly with our Customers and understand what help they really needed.


The big Companies can propose standard antennas at attractive prices, but they are not able to respond positively when a custom product, with particular technical specifications, is required.

Their internal organisation does not allow them to have the flexibility required in these cases.

When an antenna is too large for a specific application or when its electrical specs limit the performance of your device, you are in trouble, because you are unable to propose the best solution to your Customers.

Here’s how to to bring the best value to our Customer: thanks to our agility and flexibility, to design and to realize professional custom antennas for all the Companies that don’t find on the market the solutions that meet their needs.

Through these exclusive antennas, with unique electrical, mechanical and aesthetic characteristics, our Customers will be able to propose new and innovative solutions, that allow them to differentiate from their competitors.    


As always, trying to emulate the others bring us no results.

To achieve our goals, we need to be 100% ourselves, improving as better as possible our main strengths.


We are so convinced of this, that we always develop the tailor made antenna that best fits the Customer’s characteristics, highlighting his qualities to get him the results he deserves.


To understand how a professional custom antenna could be the best solution even for your Company, here is the right guide for you.


In this Free Guide you’ll find some insights about:


  • What is a professional custom antenna and its differences respect to a standard antenna

  • What are its technical specifications and how to define them

  • What are the main phases of a professional custom antenna design

  • The particular aspects you need to focus in order to achieve the best results


Reading this Free Guide, you’ll get all the information to understand if a professional custom antenna is the right solution for you.






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