Professional Custom Antennas: engineering and production


How to fulfill commercial requirements in professional antenna design


An antenna can be considered professional when it is fully understood from a technical point of view and entirely complies with the requirements outlined in its datasheet.

Custom professional antennas are, therefore, tailor-made products developed to meet specific needs, with definite technical specifications entirely in line with what was agreed upon with the Customer at the beginning of the project.

However, this is not sufficient.

To claim that an antenna has truly been developed tailor-made, one must not forget all those equally important commercial characteristics, such as price, delivery times, and availability.

Without achieving these goals, the Customer cannot declare satisfaction.

Engineering is the phase that, if conducted correctly, allows a product to be mass-produced, taking into account both the technical and commercial requirements specified by the Customer.

In this Technical E-Paper we describe the aspects that must be considered to successfully complete the engineering phase and the benefits obtained in the subsequent production stage by choosing the design of a custom antenna over a COTS product.

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